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Whoa, what happened to this website? It's all different now!

Yep, after lengthy interruptions for kids, vacations, the World Cup, my day job, my wife, visitors, "other people's problems," snow, heatwaves, moving apartment and lecturing commitments (not necessarily in that order), I finally finished the new website.

From your point of view, the good news is better ways to find the information you need. The article directory got an extra 40+ categories in it. So you can now, for example, go straight to all articles on email and branding or landing pages.

Everything's been updated, too. And now the design's done, I'm free to write more practical content for you. Almost...still have to set up better blogging software.

Anyway, since the whole darned thing was edited by hand, let me know if anything's broken or just downright strange.

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