New email marketing metrics report for H1 2006

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MailerMailer just released the aggregated results from over 200 million opt-in emails sent by their customers. (See here for the details and report itself.)

Ignoring for the moment all the arguments about correlations, causality, methodology, etc., let's see what delights come out of a quick look...

>> the decline in open rates over the past 12 months is minimal. Given the increased difficulty with measuring opens, this may even suggest people are actually "opening" more emails(?)

>> both shorter subject lines and personalization correlate with higher open *and* clickthrough rates

>> HTML messages get higher click rates than text messages

>> Smaller lists tend to get better open and click results (which the authors attribute to, for example, better targeting, more recent sign-ups or better list management), though this varies by industry

There are other stats in the report on such issues as "best day to send" and breakdowns by industry sector, which might interest those worrying about what the competition looks like.

Do read my articles on benchmark stats and open rates to understand how to use these kinds of public statistics.

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