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Just got back from an email marketing conference in Sweden (lovely country and people). Some immediate thoughts...

1. This business doesn't stand still. Even though email marketing is still in its relative infancy, with much to learn, people are already bursting with interest for even newer, "hotter" alternatives. Prominent among those...SMS and other forms of mobile messaging.

2. Anti-spam laws are confusing the world over.

3. Although people take their lead from what's happening in the US space, don't underestimate the skills and experience available elsewhere.

4. A lot of people aren't, however, aware of the information resources available to them. Seth Godin's seminal 1999 book on "Permission Marketing," for example, was news to a lot of people.

5. If you're insecure about your competence in foreign languages, don't visit Sweden. They are frighteningly good at them.

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