Using email to stop shopping cart abandonment

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One of the sexy new tactics in email marketing is sending out an email to customers who placed an item in their shopping cart, but never plucked up the courage to hit the final "buy" button.

The email acts as a purchase reminder and often contains a little incentive like a discount or free shipping if you complete the purchase.

It works. For those looking for more detail than that, the folks at MarketingSherpa have two case studies of relevant campaigns.

This one looks at how Limoges Jewelry do it.

And this one looks at how Adagio Tea does it.

Catch the articles quick before they disappear behind a payment barrier.

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Marketers should also consider sending Site Abandonment emails, not just cart abandonment. See the ProFlowers example in my post at
By Blogger Ed Henrich, on 10 February, 2008  

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