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Spend too long sending marketing emails and it's easy to lose a sense of perspective. Which is why it's useful to occasionally read comments and recommendations from others involved in the email delivery chain.

This extensive feature article at IT Security has a series of detailed recommendations for IT folk on how to protect their own and their users' inboxes from spam.

From an email marketing perspective, it's interesting for two reasons:

1. It offers considerable insight into the methods and approaches used to differentiate email into spam and not-spam. So you can see where you might help "the system" make the right decision when it comes to your permission-based emails (for example by publishing email authentication records.)

2. It's enlightening to see the deep suspicion of bulk email that years of spamming has produced. Suspicion that leads to statements like "Never use your primary email address to sign up for anything." How are you persuading customers and prospects that you really do value their email privacy?

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