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colorsEach webmail service and email client (the software that people use to read their email) goes its own way when it comes to interpreting the HTML used in email design.

Which means what looks crisp and clean in one email client might resemble Picasso's breakfast in another.

Email designers and marketers are forced to compromise on design to ensure consistency across all display interfaces.

And much effort and cash is expended on testing designs under different viewing conditions to pick up on any problems. There are even commercial services dedicated to this process.

An obvious solution would be for those making and managing those interfaces (the software manufacturers and webmail services) to agree on some standards.

This hasn't happened. Partly because nobody has taken responsibility for getting a standards movement...well...moving.

Until today.

Campaign Monitor's David Greiner sets out a call to arms in his blog post, "Why we need standards support in HTML email" and gives advance notice of an initiative to push for those standards.

Such an initiative will benefit anyone who sends email that isn't plain text. So it's worthy of our support. I'm up for it. Are you?

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Great to hear you're behind us Mark. We'll be launching a full site with loads more info, including how everyone else can help real soon.

The response so far has been awesome, this is clearly something a lot of people care about.
By Anonymous Dave Greiner, on 06 September, 2007  

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