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blocked imageContinuing the "win by being less crap than the rest" theme, blocked images in emails have been an issue for at least four years. For a quick overview, check the image blocking section in Campaign Monitor's newly released 2008 email design guidelines.

Recent surveys suggest, however, that image suppression is still news to some.

Chad White reports on new research on how retailers and marketers have adapted email design to cope. Or haven't, as the case may be.

For example, an astonishing 37% of the retail emails examined failed to use alt tags appropriately. Yes, alt tags, which are about 5 minutes work per email.

Again, the message is that basic best practices can help you stand out while others fail. According to Chad, many marketers that had adjusted design for image blocking report significant improvements in responses.

See here for various articles that will help with designing for image suppression. Or get the t-shirt.

Some other image-related posts that caught my eye recently...

Keith Muth discusses a problem (and solution) for image displays in Hotmail.

Pablo Iglesias looks at image formats and dimensions in email, while Adam Covati covers the issue of image file sizes and the email viewing experience.

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