Holiday email marketing 2008

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a stocking at XmasThe early bird catches the worm (but the second mouse gets the cheese). Those who plan ahead will benefit most from online sales in the Q4 2008 holiday shopping season.

This post will get regular updates to point you to the latest advice from around the web on holiday email marketing. So bookmark it for later.

Various email and ecommerce experts offer tips and tactics for the holiday season in a 4-part series:

Part 1: planning and good examples from 2007.
Part 2: frequency and focus.
Part 3: last-minute and post-holiday tactics.
Part 4: other festivals and when you don't have a seasonal product.

Karen Gedney has some guidelines for holiday e-cards.

Chip House gives us five email ways to differentiate your brand over the holiday season.

Alec Stern has eight seasonal ideas for non-profits.

Carolyn Gardner has five tips each for B2B and B2C marketers looking to boost responses over the holiday period.

Janine Popick reveals some generic holiday email advice, including suggestions on the kind of offers that appeal.

Aaron Smith tells us the season has started and offers advice for optimizing subject lines, messaging, navigation and the gift footer.

Al DiGuido has some basic tips designed to streamline your email in anticipation of the big spend.

The Email Experience Council released the 43-page Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season with relevant benchmarks and advice.

Chad White draws out four specific tips from that report here.

Campaigner just launched the "100 days to grow your business" series of daily tips on how to optimize your email program for the coming critical sales season.

Tim Parry gets the experts at Epsilon to reveal insights from their Holiday Shopper analysis of the 2007 season, with many tips on planning and strategy.

Lisa Harmon has a few quick tips on how to take an original creative approach and avoid the holiday cliches. Which she follows up with some hints on actual content tactics.

Chris Marriott has thoughts on planning your holiday communications, with a strong emphasis on email.

Melinda Krueger presents her advice on holiday email strategy and what you can do NOW to ensure success later.

She follows this with a second article looking at the customer focus and the holiday campaign planning process.

The folks at Bronto discuss how if successful email marketing relies on trust, then making the most of holiday sales means establishing this trust in advance.

...and then they dissect a few of last year's holiday emails in a video presentation.

Let's not forget that this isn't the first year of e-commerce. Check the advice on offer to email marketers from previous years:

Holiday email marketing 2007, plus update.
Holiday email marketing 2006 and earlier

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