Audio in emails: any ideas?

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A reader asked:

"What about audio in e-mails? Is there a good technology that you know of to embed automatic audio in e-mails? Something that works in Outlook as well as Google and Yahoo mail?"

I've covered video email technology in the past, but anybody have any answers on audio email? Do the same issues apply?

Answers in a comment, email or postcard: all appreciated!

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I seem to be in the minority on this question. Although I am a professional marketer, I believe there's a special place in Hell reserved for marketers who embed automatic audio and video in web pages, and it's a level just above those who would do it in email.

In the modern cubicled workplace, automatic audio is an affront. It is embarrassing at the very least to have one's machine suddenly give out a noise or a soundtrack you didn't ask for. When one's employer has bandwidth-inspired rules against watching video or listening to audio at your desk, it can be worse than embarrassing.
By Anonymous Anonymous, on 03 December, 2008  

Not in the minority I suspect: it's a good point. I'm all for audio and video but there are many issues around having either play automatically.
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 04 December, 2008  

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