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After savaging Kipling's poetry last December, it's time for another "alternative" email marketing video.

Newsletter expert Michael Katz is fond of describing B2B email newsletters as the electronic equivalent of having a coffee with a customer.

Which got me thinking...what if emails could walk and talk? Here's one vision of the message typically communicated by a corporate email newsletter. Enjoy. (HD version at YouTube.)

(If your feed reader won't display the video, find it here.)

(More email marketing humor.)

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Genius! and so true!
it often takes something like this to make you realise that you've lost your perspective with your content
or your grip on reality Mark!
very funny, nice action!
By Blogger captaininbox, on 25 March, 2009  

Thanks: humor is a dangerous thing because what you found funny when you thought it up isn't funny at all after you've done 25 takes and sat for a couple of hours with video editing software.

So you have no idea if anyone else is going to find it funny. But as long as there's one thumbs up, it was worth doing...
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 25 March, 2009  

Hilarious. I'd love to see what an ideal B2B marketing email would say in direct contrast.
By Blogger Jesh, on 25 March, 2009  

That was great. Very funny and on the nail. Unfortunately you could have been describing our company newsletters. Maybe it's time for some introspection!
By Anonymous Anonymous, on 25 March, 2009  

That was fantastic Mark! And the best thing is that we are ACTUALLY based in Argentina! How did you do that? lol
By Anonymous Juan, on 27 March, 2009  

Thanks Jesh, Anonymous.

Juan: it's new video targeting technology. The code does a reverse IP look up, then inserts the right country name into the video ;-)
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 27 March, 2009  

Another absolute classic. I did not think you could top your Kipling but you did it.
By Blogger Neil Anuskiewicz, Business Development Director, on 28 March, 2009  

Thanks Neil (and for all the blog links)...
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 30 March, 2009  

YouTube and other streaming media are usually blocked in the office. Plus speakers are usually disabled, the business office is no place to be watching videos and will remain to tbe the opinion of managers alike.
We've tried this, utterly pointless if you ask me.
By Blogger Al, on 31 March, 2009  

Al, you raise a good point about videos in B2B email, but I'm struggling to see the relevance to this post? It's just a bit of humor...not a recommendation to actually replace text/images with video email.
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 31 March, 2009  

Homerun Mark! :)
By Anonymous Stephanie, on 31 March, 2009  

Thanks Stephanie!
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 31 March, 2009  

I don't know what's beyond "genius," but if there is a word, you are it. Unbelievable. In fact, very John Cleese-ian.

Please, leave e-mail marketing and get yourself a TV show (can I be a guest?)
By Blogger Michael Katz | Blue Penguin, on 06 April, 2009  

You say the nicest things Michael. No, YOU get the TV show and I'll be the guest (less work).

Anyway, you know it was your coffee comment that inspired this.
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 07 April, 2009  

I laughed so hard, while at the same time nodding my head in agreement! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Every part of it! :-) Thank you!!!
By Anonymous Sharon Long Baerny, on 08 April, 2009  

Thanks Sharon
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 09 April, 2009  

Brilliant, thanks Mark! I've just followed you on twitter and re-tweeted your message about this video, and I'll also recommend it in my own e-newsletter.
By Anonymous Kay Ross, on 13 April, 2009  

Very amusing and very true. A great way to get the point across - even if the dry irony might sometimes be a challenge outside of the British Isles.

Delighted you mentioned thought leadership (which is our business). There is some banal self-serving 'thought leadership' material out there to which this equally applies.
By Blogger Tim Parker, on 13 April, 2009  

Thanks Kay, Tim.

Tim: thought leadership has always fascinated me. My understanding is it's something you earn, rather than self-declare. And I can see how outside help to manage that "earning" process can make sense.
By Anonymous Mark Brownlow, on 13 April, 2009  

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By Anonymous Even, on 15 December, 2009  

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