Top email marketing info sources: 2010 edition

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testing your designOnce a year I update my guide to the best people and places to get good, solid, reliable email marketing information from.

This is not exclusive. There are so many great email marketing resources online right now that the final cut is necessarily subjective. Ultimately, it’s a selection of personal favorites based on around ten years watching the space.

Please feel free to plug your own favorites in the comments, of course…if there are enough, I’ll publish a “reader’s tips” follow-up post.

Media sites

1. MediaPost’s Email Insider is probably my favorite media site, hosting various excellent columns written by experts with strong backgrounds in the subject area.

If I was forced to name a top column, I’d go for Loren McDonald’s, which probably comes closest to the way I think about and use marketing email.

2. ClickZ was one of the first marketing media websites to publish an email marketing column. They now have five, featuring many long-time industry stalwarts.

All are good value, but my particular favorites are anything written by Derek Harding, Ed Heinrich, Stephanie Miller or Simms Jenkins.

3. MarketingProfs offers many great resources, but the email newsletter “Get to the Point: email marketing” is perhaps best. You get summaries of email marketing articles at the main site, plus highlights of useful posts from other sources. The summaries are often better than the original articles.

4. Other broader marketing venues with useful email marketing sections include Econsultancy and eMarketing & Commerce.

5. iMedia Connection has slipped down my personal rankings of late, but you can still get good stuff from their email regulars, like Wendy Roth, Chris Marriott and others. Watch particularly for articles by Dylan Boyd.

Stats and studies

MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Guide has achieved iconic status in the industry. The main Sherpa site is also a good source of case studies and other reports.

The website is the place to start looking for public stats. It’s the brainchild of Simms Jenkins (mentioned earlier).

[N.B. This page lists 30+ sources of email marketing data and benchmarks.]

Keep an eye out for studies published by ExactTarget. Their Morgan Stewart is one of the few experts out there with an understanding of email, wider marketing channels and statistical analysis. I value his blog posts very highly.

Blogs and newsletters

testing your designThere are hundreds of relevant blogs/newsletters out there, but the following account for most of the links I share through my Google Reader.

Don’t forget that many of the below provide various ways to access their content (feed, email, Twitter etc.)

  • The Email Guide’s Jim Ducharme does a great job of highlighting the best of the email marketing web in his daily buzz roundup. The site’s also a great source of service listings and hosts email radio.
  • Chad White operates the Retail Email blog which is a super public source of insight into what the big retailers are doing with their emails.
  • The MailChimp blog often comes up with great insights and stats.
  • eROI’s Dylan Boyd has a super perspective on email marketing in a wider context, which he brings us through The Email Wars.
  • The Bronto bloggers impress with their concerted effort to bring useful, hype-free info to the community. Probably one of the best around at the moment.
  • The Blue Sky Factory blog stands out because the people there are also very clued in to social media and the implications for email. And because it features DJ Waldow, social superhero.
  • Three design-focused blogs to throw at you: Smith-Harmon (lots of examples with commentary), Style Campaign (very detailed, focus on mobile design) and Campaign Monitor (chock full of useful email design resources). Check this post for lots more top design sources.
  • Deliverability blogs are listed here (personal favorite is Word to the Wise, which is about as objective as you’ll get online).
  • AWeber’s Inbox Ideas is very educational and especially useful for small business (see also below).
  • J-P De Clerck writes wisely and regularly on social media, email and the interfaces between the two at Social Email Marketing¬†and Conversionation.
  • Experian CheetahMail’s blog has caught my attention recently. One of the contributors is Jordan Lane, who also has a good blog at
  • The Alchemy Worx newsletter takes common topics and offers a new perspective or advice that challenges what we all thought was true.

Most of the resources mentioned above are for people dealing regularly with email marketing. Here I’d like to point out some resources that address small business and those dealing intermittently with email marketing…

  • If you write an email newsletter and haven’t read the articles by Michael Katz, you should.
  • Janine Popick‘s blog posts at Vertical Response take a small business focus and go beyond the mechanics of email marketing to cover other business aspects relevant to the “small” emailer.
  • Constant Contact has a huge small business user base: see their Learning Center for blog posts, articles, webinars etc.

Twitter accounts

Most of the names scattered throughout this post are worth following on Twitter. However, I’d like to pick out a few extra folk who stand out for being excellent spreaders of useful info or who don’t fit some of the other categories.

Good info hubs:

John Caldwell, Shannon Holato, Andy Thorpe, Jordie van Rijn, Remy Bergsma, Email Institute, The Email Guide, Chris Donald, J-P De Clerck, newzapp, Noah Fournier, Fred Tabsharani, Scott Hardigree

Andrew Kordek, Scott Cohen and robinteractive are three active twitterers from the client side of the equation: always a good perspective to have, since most content producers in this space are vendors.

(I’m sure I forgot many great Twitter accounts to follow: remind me in the comments!)

Asking a question

Finally, the Email Marketer’s Club is probably the biggest networking site out there for email marketers and includes a forum and many other useful resources. It was founded by the wonderful Tamara Gielen.

Now over to your suggestions…

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24 comments on “Top email marketing info sources: 2010 edition”

  1. Jim Ducharme says:

    It’s an honour to be included Mark! Thanks for making our day!


  2. Hi Mark, I’m not the kind of guy that Google himself ;) but Noah Fournier just sent me a nice tweet saying I was mentioned here. Thanks for the honour. I now post more on my blog Conversionation using my personal @conversionation account since I’d like @socialemail to be a group blog but I guess I’m my own worst competitor. LOL.

    Thanks for the shout out! It’s time I start doing some myself :)

    Cheers mate

  3. Thanks Mark for another great list – this will be useful for many folks.

    PS thanks for including me &

  4. Andy T says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Mark, really appreciate it.

    I also have @getintheinbox which only tweets about email and digital marketing and not all of my other social quirks, if that’s what people want :)

  5. Noah Fournier says:

    Thanks a ton for the mention, Mark. I am blown away that you have included me as someone to follow on Twitter, along with the likes of John Caldwell, J-P, The Email Guide and Chris Donald (and all the others). It’s truly an honor.

  6. Scott Cohen says:

    Mark: I really appreciate the shout-out as one of your client-side folks to follow on Twitter. Kordek must be pleased he’s not the only voice on our side anymore.

    Thanks again for the honor!

  7. Great list Mark – really enjoy your posts.


  8. No need for thanks – all mentions were richly deserved on merit.

    J-P: I switched your Twitter URL and added conversionation to your blog mention.

    Andy: I’ve split your name into the two Twitter accounts.

  9. Mark,

    Great list and resource as always – thanks for the call out. But not just tit for tat as they say, but your blog and articles are always #1 on my list. Lately, for some strange reason I feel we’ve been thinking about the exact same topics – I’m adopted…perhaps we are brothers??? :-)

    Kudos also for mentioning some client-side email marketers!

    Cheers – keep up the great content.

  10. Chris Donald says:

    Mark, What a great resource you’ve put together here. I agree with Loren about kudos for the client-side mentions. Your blog is one of my favorites!

    Thanks for the shout-out, I’m humbled.

    Cheers, Chris

  11. Mark Brownlow says:

    Thanks Chris!

    Loren, I always felt my parents were holding something back from me. That might explain it. The AC/DC test will confirm it. For no logical reason, I always wanted to be Angus Young. If you ever felt that yearning, then we must be related.

  12. DJ Waldow says:

    Mark –

    Thanks for the love, dude. Great to see my former company (Bronto) as well as my current company (BSF) on the list. I would have liked to see BSF AHEAD of Bronto, but hey. Ha ha. Just kidding (kinda).

    Not sure I’ve ever been called a “social superhero” but I’ll take it. I have been naming many of my talks Batman (Email Marketing) and Robin (Social Media) so I guess it’s fitting.

    Echoing what Loren said, you are also on my list – #1, #2, #3. I find myself constantly referencing you and this blog in nearly every webinar or talk I give. Certainly a top resource. One of these days we’ll meet face to face, right?

    Thanks again!

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

  13. Anna Yeaman says:

    Cheers for the mention Mark, lots of my favorite bloggers/twitter folks mentioned here and I’m chuffed to be included :)

  14. Mark Brownlow says:

    Thanks DJ, Anna.

    DJ – last year I described you as irreverent, before realizing I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. So I played safe this year ;-)

  15. Carolyn Nye says:

    Great list- very spot on :)

  16. I’ll join the chorus of folks saying thanks for the mention, glad to be included on the client side Twitter list (@robinteractive).

    And, from the client side, thanks to you and everyone you listed. These resources are the tips and tricks that keep us on the client side moving forward, alert us to new trends and concerns we don’t have time to research on our own, etc.

    All of you help us on the client-side build our knowledge and expertise, especially those of us in one-person or otherwise “small” e-mail/social shops within companies.

  17. Mark Brownlow says:

    Thanks robinteractive. Ultimately, whatever reasons many of us have for producing content, it has to help marketers do their job better. So glad to hear it’s helping.

  18. Chris Bryan says:

    Thanks for the great list Mark. It will be a great resource for me. Especially for new-hires!

  19. Mark,

    Thanks for the mention man..I truly appreciate it. I love what you do and appreciate all of the valuable insight you provide.


  20. Chris, Andrew, you’ve very welcome and thanks for the kind words.

  21. Jenny Atkinson says:

    OMG, how could you forget to mention John Arnold who wrote email marketing for dummies. It’s a great book and I’ve gotten a lot of good results from the content.

  22. GraphicMail says:

    Thanks for the article Mark Brownlow – It’s very informative

  23. John Tanner says:

    Email marketing is really coming around and I enjoyed these tips. It seems like email marketing is working great with social media, something I like to call social email marketing. Thanks again for the blog post.

  24. Denis Quirke says:

    Only just found this, gives a good insight