Mobile email design

How does email strategy, design and copywriting need to adapt to new reading environments? How can you make sure your marketing or business email gets the message across on a PDA, cell phone, Blackberry or similar mobile device?

Popular posts and articles:

Mobile email in 2011
A look at the state of mobile email and challenges facing email marketers. Includes links to useful design resources.

Trends, challenges, solutions and resources for 2010
Design issues and numerous useful mobile email design links are featured within this broader article on wireless email.

The future of HTML email design
A tongue-in-cheek review of how the proliferation of mobile devices might change email preheader design.

Dealing with the challenges
Describes the various ways you can make your emails more mobile-friendly. And asks whether you need to bother.

The "mobile version" link in HTML emails
Article finds some problems in the way most marketers implement this link in their designs.

Only the screen matters
Blog post examining trends that suggest future mobile devices will be consistent in how they treat HTML email, but there will be other challenges ahead.

Mobile email: who's right?
Experts differ in how they think emailers should respond to growing mobile email use. Read this post for an overview of the "best practice" situation plus useful links.

Mobile email: critical survey insights for marketers
Review and analysis of a major study of mobile email use and the implication for marketers. Includes design and strategy recommendations.

How emails display on mobile devices
A dozen links to YouTube video clips which let you see how emails appear in inboxes and on the screens of numerous different cell phones and PDAs.

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